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Best Glasses Manufacturers In The UK

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Any glasses can make you see the world, but elegant glasses will change the perspective of how the world sees you. Whether for shade, aesthetic appeal, or vision, a lot goes into consideration finding the “Perfect Eyewear Pair. Whether in terms of production or material, sometimes we pay for the design that one specific brand offers. Only the UK’s best glasses manufacturer understands it is more than just seeing the world. With the caveat, here are the ten best eyewear manufacturers UK that offer high-quality frames, lenses, and fit.

Best Eyewear Brands & Sunglasses Manufacturers UK

En route to finding the best eyewear, the first task is to find the best eyewear brand that ensures world-class quality with dedicated customer support. We have done the homework for you. If you are from the UK, here are 10 of the best sunglasses manufacturers UK you need to give a try in 2023;

  1. Cutler and Gross:

Cutler and Gross is a luxurious UK-based eyewear brand founded in 1969 by Graham Cutler. The headquarters is in London, UK. The idea behind the brand is not about how we see the world but how the world sees us. With over 50 years of experience, Cutler & Gross is at the front line, producing up-to-mark products.

Cutler & Gross

  1. Tom Davies:

Tom Davies is a handmade eyewear brand founded in 2002. The headquarters is in West London, UK. It is a bespoke eyewear brand selling products that match customers’ lifestyles and needs. All designs are designed with attention to detail. Tom Davies stands out in the market with an unparalleled approach to customers.

Tom Davies

  1. Moscot:

A family-owned business now ruling the world with its eyewear designs, Moscot was founded in 1915 by Hyman Moscot. It inspires downtown aesthetics with its unmistakable refined designs- thanks to its 100 years of eyewear expertise. Every design is tested in labs before being shipped to you.


  1. Tom Ford:

Tom Ford is a high-end UK-based eyewear brand founded in 2005 by American-based designer Tom Ford. The eyewear collection at Tom Ford is something you need to level up your lifestyle. Tom Ford delivers products across the globe with affordable shipping services and charges.

Tom Ford

  1. Garrett Leight:

Garrett Leight is the creative director and founder of his eyewear brand- He founded the brand in 2010, inspired by his father, Oliver Peoples. Garrett gives traditional eyewear a modern touch. The high-end quality manufacturing speaks for the lasting performance of the products.

Garrett Leight

  1. Persol:

Luxottica Group Spa founded Persol in 1917. This specialized eyewear brand is one of the oldest manufacturing brands in the world. Persol is an Italian name meaning “for the sun.” 

The headquarters is in Turin, Italy. Persol mainly serves sports drivers and pilots with a silver arrow as a trademark.

Luxottica Group Spa

  1. William Morris:

Robert William Morris is a British fashion designer who recently launched his eyewear range. William Morris’s eyewear collection designs speak for its world-class quality and customer service, born to be loyal to customers till the last breath. William Morris eyewear embraces the British-inspired eyewear fashion with a modern touch, operating in more than 50 countries. 

William Morris

  1. KIRK & KIRK:

At its core, KIRK & KIRK is a family-owned business. Growing up surrounded by optics with a burning desire to bring excitement to British eyewear fashion, Jason and Karon Kirk launched the KIRK & KIRK brand in 2013. Operating in 40+ countries, it is the major eyewear brand to innovate and inspire users. 


  1. Booth & Bruce:

Booth & Bruce launched its eyewear range in 1990 to beat the English brands with funky, fashionable, and modern frames. Customers loved the designs, and soon Booth & Bruce gained global recognition. The headquarters is in London, England, founded by Peter Booth and Jeremy Setton. 

Booth & Bruce

  1. Hackett London:

Working in Savile Row and fascinated by the quintessentially British designs, Jeremy Hackett founded Hackett London in 1983, selling handmade designs on the London streets. Not only as an eyewear brand, but Hackett London is also famous in the UK as a fashion designing brand.

Hackett London

Tom Ford Sunglasses vs. Persol – Which one is Better?

Brands’ battle has always been the hottest gossip in town. Tom Ford and Person are one of the leading eyewear brands  &  glasses manufacturer UK. But which one should you choose?

Tom Ford is a UK-based fashion designer offering attire, fragrances, shoes, watches, eyewear, and skin care. Tom himself founded the brand in 2005. The production quality of Tom Ford sunglasses is highly satisfying with attention to detail designs.  

On the other hand, Persol is a privately owned eyewear brand by Luxottica Group Spa. Luxottica Group Spa founded Persol in 1917, one of the oldest eyewear manufacturers in the UK. Being in the business for more than a decade, Persol has millions of satisfied customers over the globe.

Comparing Tom Ford vs. Persol, Persol has a more out-ranking collection emphasizing eyewear. On the other hand, Tom Ford offers a wide range of products that misses a particular focus on eyewear.

Moscot vs. Garrett Leight – Which one is Better?

Buying sunglasses in the UK, there will be a point where you have to choose between Moscot and Garret Leight. Although both brands have a highly satisfying product range, one still must be the winner.

Moscot is a family-owned business founded by Hyman Moscot in 1915. Moscot has delivered 100 years of unparalleled craftsmanship. Moscot brings innovation to traditional designs and offers to affirm financing support, free return policies, international shipping, and availability of outlet stores.

Garrett Leight is a private eyewear label founded in 2010. Garrett Leight sunglasses have high-end quality with appealing designs. However, Garrett Leight doesn’t offer international shipping, order tracking, affirm financing support and availability of outlet stores.

Comparing Moscot vs. Garrett Leight, Moscot is a more reliable option than Garrett Leight. Whether you live in the UK or USA, you can ship orders thanks to international shipping policies. Garrett Leight, on the other hand, needs to update the terms.

How to Choose the Best Glasses Manufacturer UK?

While buying sunglasses, most customers pay attention to designs, not concerning what brands they are investing in. Choosing a reliable brand is a crucial factor while investing in any product. 

A trustworthy brand will ensure high-quality performance, while a local brand offers cheap-quality products that break eventually.

This section highlights the methodology for choosing the best glasses manufacturer in the UK.

Brand's reputation

  • Check Brand’s Reputation:

How would you know the brand is worth being trusted without knowing its reputation? Every brand has positive and negative reviews in the marketplace, which you need to know. Brands like Balenciaga, Chanel, Gucci, and D&G are leading globally, all thanks to their extensive collection and dedicated customer support. 

Have a detailed background of the brand. For how long has the brand been serving its customers? Are the customers satisfied with the services and product collection? Reading customer reviews is the best way to evaluate a brand’s reputation.


  • Customer-Friendly Services:

Suppose you need a customized sunglasses design, but the brand you have chosen doesn’t offer custom-made services nor welcomes customers. Disappointment on your way! Consider customer-friendly services as a part of your investment.

When you invest in a brand, you get connected with it. Whenever in the future you need to exchange the product, claim a refund, or know how the product works, customer support agents are the ones who will welcome you.

Terms & Conditions

  • Terms & Conditions:

Terms and conditions are the legal agreement between your chosen brand and you. The agreement sets guidelines and rules that users must meet for friendly and convenient services.

Give a thorough read to the guidelines to ensure you are compatible with the brand and agree to the rules and regulations.


The top glasses manufacturer UK know that the perfect eyewear for each individual depends on many factors, including fit, lens quality, and construction. 

Even if it’s simple to walk into an outlet and try items on until the perfect clicks, there are instances when we want to see that a label is also accessible for speedy purchasing online.

We hope the next time you will purchase eyewear from the top-rated ten best manufacturers to save your time and energy.