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If you are a manufacturer of eyewear or glasses, branded glasses wholesaler, or other businesses related to glasses,  you will come across the need to seek the assistance of a glasses packaging, accessories provider. Then you can get all the help needed to pack the goods before you release them to the market. That’s where Classic Packing can help.  We are the world’s top eyeglasses packaging factory, supplier & manufacturer. Here’s a quick overview on how we guarantee the quality of our glasses packaging products that we offer to the market.

Classic Packing provides the best quality glasses packaging products

- Incoming Quality Control On Glasses Packaging Products

Our team understands that the quality of products we receive can create a direct impact on the products we manufacture. That’s why we adhere to strict quality standards with all incoming products. Our Incoming Quality Control measures ensure that all purchased raw materials, products, and components adhere to the highest quality standards. We carefully inspect them through sampling before using for production. In case if we notice any unqualified raw materials, we make sure to remove them. Under no circumstance, we will be using unqualified raw materials for production.

Best Quality Materials From Classic Packing

- -In-Process Quality Control On Glasses Packaging

Along with In-Process Quality Control measures, we ensure maintenance of quality throughout the production process. This involves the implementation of strict quality measures until product packaging and product storage is done. Our quality inspectors will go ahead and do random inspections on different processes. This is where we pay attention to the operation methods as well as the outcome of each method. In the meantime, we focus on how to improve our processes as well.

Our team has implemented strict measures for staff to handle products during the manufacturing process. For example, they need to wear appropriate clothes, finger cots, and shoe covers when they work with the products. Moreover, we ensure that all the machinery and tools work in the way that they are supposed to. We also check on material placement. This is where we check and verify whether the materials are separately placed and whether they can be identified easily.

Classic Packing have established a scientific production management system and rigorous quality assurance system, and use modern production equipment for processing and testing, which can effectively improve the production efficiency and ensure the consistency of the production process and product quality.

Advanced Equipment Classic Packing for better quality

- Final Quality Control On Eyewear Packaging

During the Final Quality Control stage, we verify the quality of products manufactured. We follow a comprehensive approach to ensure the quality of all eyewear packing products. Our quality control specialists will not just check and confirm whether they are manufactured to offer intended functionality. We will also check and see whether they are durable and made according to the standards. Our team will place them in storage boxes only after the completion of quality checks.

During the Final Quality Control stage, we pay special attention towards the performance and appearance of the products. For example, we check and see whether there are any scratches in the manufactured products. Our team will also ensure that the products adhere according to customer expectations and shipping specifications.

All our glasses packaging products can stand the test. They are made of excellent materials and are very durable. Our professional quality inspection team will carry out many tests before product shipment, including color fastness check,abuse & fatigue tests,seam strength tests,waterproof tests, load tests, zipper twisting tests,etc., to ensure that the quality of each product delivered to customers is qualified. Strict production requirements are the foundation of our good reputation.

- Outgoing Quality Control On Eyeglasses Packaging

The last stage of our quality control measures for eyewear packaging products is Outgoing Quality Control. This is where we conduct shipment inspections. Our team will check and see whether the shipments are done as per the standards agreed on along with the services provider. This helps us to make sure that eyewear packing products will not be damaged when they are on their way to your warehouse. During this stage, we focus on the packaging status, product safety labels, anti-collision materials, user manuals, accessories, and outer box labels.

- Full Sets of Certificates

We are the best wholesale glasses packaging, sunglasses packaging, and other related packing products suppliers in China and we provide quality assurance in our products. We test our products for quality before the final delivery to the customers which has also helped us to maintain our customer base. All of our products are available to fulfill the testing (e.g. Prop65, REACH 7, ROHS, etc) according to our client’s requirements. 

Quality classic packing

Now you know how our team at Classic Packing ensures the quality of all eyewear packing products we offer to the market. There is no need to keep a doubt in mind when you partner with us and get our quality eyewear packing products delivered to your business.

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