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To start a company, one needs an idea, but to run it, one needs consistency, and to make it a brand, one needs a brilliant, hardworking team. Classic Packing has a firm belief in the power of teamwork.

Classic Packing has been one of the leading eyeglass case manufacturers for more than 16 years,  owes its success to its team big time. From the artisans in the factories, and workers in the warehouses to the material purchasers, quality checkers, product designers, managers, and sales representatives, all our team members are an integral part of our journey towards becoming a brand.

The end products reaching your country all the way from China have an entire team of top-tier experts that go above and beyond to make your experience with Classic Packing more than pleasant.

What Makes The Team Of Classic Packing Stand Out From the Rest?

Classic Packing Team

Our nimble attitude, hardworking quality, can-do spirit, and ecstaticity upon achieving our goals (the momentum that keeps us going) have brought us to the position that we stand today (working with multi-national eyewear manufacturing companies worldwide).     

  1. Our Team Members Are Adept Professionals:

We hire professionals who value work ethics over anything. Not every Joe working for low wages is hired. Our teams of experts at both offices and all four factories vet an employee and choose the diligent, those willing to learn, honest, and the ones with integrity. We aim to create an environment where we all can learn and grow together as a team. By being surrounded by a learned team of workers, any newly hired can become an expert in the concerned department.  

  1. Clients Are the Center of Our Work Operations:

Our team prioritizes client satisfaction, so no matter what the situation is, we aim to bring the best products to you at affordable rates (because buying in bulk is less heavy on the pocket). Client-centric attitude is the core value at Classic Packing. Nothing is worth the hassle if the client isn’t satisfied. We want to bring the best eyeglass packaging solutions to customers all around the world.

  1. A Team That Aims at Perfection:

Every step, from the manufacturing to the sale, in the process is pivotal. Understanding this, our team members give their hundred percent while delivering their services in the most professional way. For this reason, you’ll never come across a sales representative at Classic Parking that doesn’t speak more than one language. They are fluent in your language for your convenience.

  1. We Have Come a Long Way:

Sixteen years in the industry as the pioneer of eyeglass case wholesale suppliers have been nothing less than a roller coaster ride, but persistence has brought us the name we own today. Our team of 300 plus employees offering their services at our offices and factories with the mission of serving the best makes us indomitable. More so, our team members, are indispensable to Classic Packing, and operating without them would be improbable.