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CLASSIC PACKING committees to provide customers with the lowest price wholesale eyeglass cases, personalized glasses case, glasses chain wholesale, and other glasses packaging products.

Classic Packing has been in the business of helping our customers create custom glasses case,  sunglasses pouches wholesale… business for over 15 years. We will be multi-dimensional based on the clients’ perspectives to reduce the cost. As the best eyeglass case manufacturers, we guarantee the best price to help you win the market.

CLASSIC PACKING offers the most competitive prices because we make wholesale eyeglass cases and other products in bulk. When you work with us, you can save a lot of money. We can give you the lowest price possible because we make things in large quantities. Since you deal directly with us, you save time because you don’t have to go through anyone else.

Here are a few good things about classic packaging that help manufacturers keep costs down: 

I. Mature Supply Chain For Our Wholesale Bulk Eyeglass cases And Other Packaging Products

As the China-leading bulk eyeglass cases manufacturer & related glasses packaging products supplier, 15 Years of experience makes our business supply chain very mature.


We strive to coexist and co-develop with our suppliers. We expect to form close partnerships to achieve customers’ quality requirements and build consolidated and sustainable supplier relationships for reliable sourcing. At the same time, when purchasing raw materials, we will buy according to the amount, so as to avoid the waste of cutting as far as possible.


Products in the production stage, from raw materials to processing to packaging, need to go through different factories, which brings a lot of transportation costs. In order to solve this pain point, we gathered factories at the production end. And Integrated industrial chain resources, greatly reduced the transportation cost of raw materials.

The latest information technology and precise decision-making mean we receive the best supply chain information. Through structured data analysis, we can conduct effective control over cost, materials, and inventory.

supply chain of bulk eyeglass cases

II.  We Have Excellent Team As The Best Bulk Eyeglass cases & Packaging products Supplier

Today, Classic Packing has more than 300 employees strong. We’ve built a team of open-mind, hard-working people who will make your experience ordering wholesale sunglasses case fun, easy, and totally stress-free.

Professional work team has clear target to service different clients. Our sales team will always put the needs of customers first, and they will try their best to reach your target price. Moreover, we also have a team specially responsible for cost accounting and have rich experience in cost control, so our quotation is the best price!

Each of our employees is amazing in their own right, but together they are what makes Classic Packing such a fun and rewarding place to work. Our team is a tight-knit, talented group with a shared vision of delivering consistently great results for our clients, as well as ensuring our company is a fun, inclusive, challenging place to work and develop a rewarding career. Great people like this are hard to come by, but we’re happy to hire only the best personalities on the planet!

excellent team of classic packing

III. Best Factory Management

Classic Packing is a remarkable name among the multiple glasses case and bulk eyeglass cases manufacturers in China. We have helped small and large companies promote themselves in amazing ways through our strength of soft glasses pouch factory & wholesale glasses storage case supplier.

We own plant resources of 10,500 square meters and 300+ employees in the production line. Large scale production and well-trained workers reduce cost naturally, Classic Packing uses the bottom price to make you become the most competitive seller in your region.

1. Advanced Production Equipment

Classic Packing has set up a rigorous quality assurance system and a scientific way to manage production. We also use modern equipment for processing and testing, which makes the production process more efficient and makes sure that the process and the quality of the product are always the same. By making production more efficient, we can cut our production costs by a lot, making our prices more competitive.

2. Scientific Production Process

We look at the whole process, not just the products or the costs of making them because we know that optimizing the process may be the most crucial step in making it more efficient. We closely look at even the most minor parts of our production process and figure out how they fit into the bigger picture. We don’t want to improve just one part of our system and risk stopping or hurting something else in the future. When we try to change or improve something, we always think about how the change will affect the whole process.

3. Improve Our Worker Efficiency, Reduce Labor Cost

When we want to make workers more productive, we first make staff more productive. Hire only skilled workers to do the job because they will do it faster and better. Also, we put in place a training program for our current staff to learn new skills and do their jobs better. The goal is to cut down on how many steps a product must go through to be finished. We also keep trying to make each step take as little time as possible.

We also try to improve efficiency by putting in place programs that incentivize our employees to work harder and smarter. We are happy to reward workers who develop ways to make the production process run more smoothly.

4. Control Energy Consumption

All of the company’s employees take part in the work to save energy, covering a wide range of tasks. When it comes to costs, energy is the most critical factor. The most advanced machinery and production processes help factories save energy and reduce pollution. At the same time, we use our jobs as a place to learn and often set up ways to do so.

Based on the employees’ real-world work experiences, compile a list of different ways to save energy, reduce consumption, cut pollution, and improve efficiency; analyze the company’s production process and the flow of the process through each section; suggest practical ways to save energy; outline and carry out energy-saving production activities, and effectively promote in-depth work.

IV. Constantly Innovation

Innovation is the motivation to help company development. We focus on material innovation, production way improvement, management innovation. Innovation drives energy renewed and eliminated, which help enterprise resource conservation, and ensures profit margins.

glasses bag making classic packing

V. Reduce Overhead Costs

Overhead costs are the expenses that are associated with the running of the factory itself and include utilities, office supplies, insurance coverage, and other building costs. We establish a clear budget for overhead and explore various options to save money. For example,limit administrative costs to the ones that increase revenue in the long run. Expenses connected to debt and interest also be kept to a minimum.

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