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How To Place An Order With Classic Packing?

How To Place A Bulk Order With Classic Packing?

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line wholesale glass cases, pouches, or other accessories, you’ve come to the right place. We’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and service, tailored to their specific needs. Here’s a brief overview of our ordering process: (The below process is subject to change based on discussion results in case customers’ certain requirements)

Detail confirmation

When a customer approaches us to ask about placing a large order, we take down all of the necessary details. This includes information on the desired material, design, size and delivery timeline. It is important that we have as much information as possible at this stage, in order to avoid any issues further down the line. This is beneficial for both parties involved – the customer can be assured that their order will be fulfilled as requested, and we can be confident that there will be no misunderstandings. Therefore, the customer should provide us with as much detail as they can regarding their requirements.


Price quoting

Once the above details were confirmed, it is sent to the experts (sales & engineering department) to get quotes for the order. After careful analysis of the prices of everything, we prepare the quote for the project. Once the quote is ready, it is doubly checked to protect customer rights. We try our level best to produce an affordable quote.

After double-checking everything, we deliver the price quotation to the customer. Customers can negotiate with us. After negotiation, if the customer and we satisfy then, we go for the sample-making process.


Sample making

After getting the requirements and providing the price quote, we will then provide a sample of the final product.  This step has two schemes. The first one is the customer selects from our available products like wholesale glasses cases, wholesale sunglass pouches, glasses accessories chains, or other accessories and asks for some amendments. We make the amendments and ship the sample to the customer for approval.

But if the customer prefers to give separate demands, we prepare a portrait sketch after collecting the demands. Then we prepare the sample product on the original material to check how it will be. Once the sample product is ready, we send it to our experts; after their approval, we ship the sample to the buyer for approval.

If the buyer satisfies, we go for the further process; otherwise, we amend as required until we get approval from the customer. Once approval is taken, we go for the next phase.

The sample is important. If you get a perfect sample, then you will have a 95% chance to get a perfect product during the mass production. Usually we will charge for the sample making. And we will use this money as your mass production fee when the order is confirmed.

Payment of Deposit

We always work hard to keep both our clients and us happy and safe. To make things easy, we offer multiple payment options. After approving the sample, we ask that the client deposit payment in advance. This is negotiable; we want to make sure our clients are comfortable and taken care of.


Mass production

After settlement of payment matters, we send the sample and order detail to the mass production for manufacturing the products. Skilled workers do their best to manufacture quality products to meet the customer demand, which matches the sample product. They are committed and dedicated to ensuring delivery on time.


Qc Inspection

Final products are not sent directly from the mass production department to the customer. After manufacturing, products are stored in the stores before sending to the client for quality check.

Our quality inspection team visits and checks each item before finalizing the shipment.  They test each item very carefully and ensure there should be no issue from any perspective. Our major purpose is to send the product that exactly matches the customer’s expectations. Once the quality is final, products are sent to the warehouse for preparation for shipment.


Balance of Payments

Before shipment, we check the balance of payments. The customer is responsible for paying the amounts as per agreement details. Mostly we take the total amount if it is paid within the threshold. Before sending the products, the customer ensures a deposit of full payment. A routine customer may avail some less payment facility according to the agreement. But we prefer full payment of products.


Shipment and pickup

Once the payment matter settles, we arrange the best shipment facility for sending the products to the customer. We also offer shipment of the product to their city or even pick up and drop the products to client’s stores. But it depends on customer preference, whatever customer wants.  Customers can also take the products from our factory if they prefer to pick them up at their facility.

For getting more details, you can contact us by email or phone. Your visit to our factory will be an honor for us.