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We Are Qualified Eyeglass Case Manufacturers To Provide An Excellent Service To You

When you are looking for Eyeglass Case Manufacturers & Factory who can help you with getting eyewear packing products, it is always important to seek the assistance of a company that is qualified and certified. That’s where our team at Classic Packing comes into play.

Our team has been able to maintain a strong reputation throughout the past few years by offering highest-quality eyewear packing products to the market. In the meantime, we continuously strived to align our product manufacturing processes according to the quality standards. As of now, Classic Packing is certified with some of the world-renowned quality standards such as BSCI, SGS, ISO9001, and Sedex Certifications. These certifications clearly showcase our commitment to ensuring quality of services at all times.

Here’s an overview of the quality certifications and standards we could accomplish as the best Eyeglass Case Manufacturers over the past: 

Sedex Certificate Of Classic Packing
- SMETA’s Standard

SMETA refers to Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit. This is a common sustainable supply chain audit standard practiced in the world. Our commitment to ensuring sustainability throughout the entire supply chain process, including health, safety, labor, business ethics, and environment helped us in achieving this standard.

-SEDEX Standard

All glasses packing products we offer under the Classic Packing brand adhere to SEDEX Standard. This global standard is offered to businesses that are committed in promoting responsible and ethical business practices. Along with the SEDEX Standard, we are adhering to a series of guidelines, services, and tools, which help us in managing the supply chain and minimizing risks that we have to face.

- Our products adhere to BSCI Social Responsibility

BSCI (business social standards certification) – full name of business Social Compliance Initiative, BSCI is an organization advocating business compliance with social responsibility. BSCI aims to implement a set of unified procedures to monitor and promote the social responsibility performance of companies producing related products by continuously improving development policies. 

The internal policies of CLASSIC PACKING we developed helped us with ensuring social responsibility, and we could get their certification and membership.

BSCI Certificate Of Classic Packing
Walmart Authorized Sunglass Pouch Wholesale Supplier
- We are a trusted supplier of Walmart

Due to strict quality control measures, we maintain, we could get into a partnership with Walmart. We are proud to offer our packing materials to them and help them with their mission in making lives better for people all around the world.

- We are a trusted supplier of Disney

Classic Packing is a trusted supplier of Disney as well. We are proud to work with such a prominent brand and take our products to the next level of success.

Disney Authorized Sunglass Pouch Wholesale Supplier
ISO9001 Certificate Of Classic Packing
- All our packing products have ISO9001 certifications

ISO9001 Standard is given to companies that are capable of manufacturing products that can cater to regulatory requirements and customer requirements. Classic Packing is a ISO9001 certified company, as we adhered to strict quality control measures in manufacturing our products. We still strive to adhere according to the highest standards and ensure customer satisfaction.

- Our products meet the Global Recycled Standard

The Global Recycling Standard (GRS) was originally developed by Control Union Certifications in 2008 and passed ownership to Textile Exchange on January 1, 2011. 

GRS is an international, voluntary, complete product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recyclables, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions.

All the products we manufacture are recyclable and environmentally friendly. This is proven with the Global Recycled Standard we have. This clearly shows how environmentally friendly we are as a company. We want to offer our packing products to customers, without creating a negative impact on the environment.

Classic Packing GRS Certificate
Classic Packing Meets Global Organic Textile Standard
-Our products meet the Global Organic Textile Standard

All our products adhere to the Global Organic Textile Standard as well. This ensures the sustainable practices we follow from harvesting of raw materials to manufacturing of all our packing products. These products are both organic and reliable.

If you are impressed, go ahead and take a look at the eyewear packing products we offer!