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Sample Order Process

As the Best Glasses Packaging & Eyeglass Case Supplier, We provide Ultimate Easy & Fast Sample Order Process

When it comes to a massive order, buyers surely want to ensure that the final product will be of consistent quality and standard to the original sample product. So they always ask for the sample before confirming the massive order for production of their products. Sample order safeguards the rights of buyer and manufacturer, too, because everyone has the exact things in mind before binding into the contract what they will get. As the best eyeglass case supplier, Classic packing also provides examples before taking orders for its products from buyers. We follow a reliable sample order process that ensures consistency in the delivery of final products.


Sample Order Process at Classic Packing

As one of the best eyeglass case Supplier & manufacturers, our sample order process for glasses cases and accessories has three phases design, production, and sample comfirming:

1. Design Sample

Normally, our client has two options for sample design.

The first way is for the client to send us their own design. The client provides us with instructions about the materials, brand logo, product size and other requests. If a client wants a more precise sample, then it is the best way to send us the sample, and we will provide the same copy of the provided sample.

The second way is that the client takes the final product from us and then asks us for modifications to make it according to their needs. The client can add their logo to our product or ask for some amendment in size and weight of sample.

We make the amendments as recommended by the client after taking requirements from the client to make its design according to the client’s individual demands.

After getting a request for a sample from buyers, our experts prepare a rough prototype sample according to client requirements. We first visualize the glasses cases and accessories in three-dimensional form.

We will develop the prototype sample for glasses cases and other accessories. Before finalizing the prototype, we check and make adjustments if needed and then transfer it to a paper pattern. It helps us ensure that the sample is fine. But dont worry. As the best eyeglass case Supplier, we provide free editions since we have our own design team in our glasses case factory.  

Overall, before designing the sample, we cover and check all the aspects to ensure everything is fine. And we will focus on: 

Step 1: Sketching & Prototyping

Step 2: Pattern Making

Step 3: Sourcing Fabrics & Materials


2. Sample Production

If the sample is approved, this becomes the production sample. The pre-production samples can also be used as ‘Salesman’s Samples’ for pre-selling, marketing purposes.  Once the pre-production sample is approved, this is then considered as a production sample. It then goes into a limited production run and gauged for quality.  Our sunglasses case factory performs a sampling run to verify that final products conform to size standards and check that no mistakes were overlooked. Our Manufacturers, sales and designers will collaborate as a team aiming to achieve the same goal.

3. Sample Comfirming:

Confirming the sample is the last step after our expert approves the glasses cases, pouches, and accessories. It is the last version that we will send to our buyers.

But before sending the sample to our buyers, we check it once to make sure everything is in a good combination. 

We show the samples to the buyers who visit our facility. But if the buyer sends an online request, we can also ship the sale sample to their provided address before finalizing the contract with the client.

We ensure all the sample order process phases are under industry-standard control. Consistency, cost-effectiveness, uniqueness in design, and quality of the final product are our primary preferences during the sample order process.

Once the client approves the sample, we send it to the mass production unit. But if there is a need for improvement, we first revise it to approve it. We keep the sample revising until the client approves it.


Important Notes For Sample Order:

1. How many days required for sampling

Sample without Personalization: We need about 3-7 working days to turn out the physical samples after confirmation of Sample Order (depending on sample quantity and availability of materials from our stock)
Sample with Personalization: We need 5-14 working days to set up the molds, depending on the type of molds we make.
Samples for stock, Sample Lead Time: 2 days 
However, in order to cooperate with clients’ Sales & Promotion schedules, we will try our best to speed up the time of sampling. Especially alert us if you are in urgent need.

2. Sample Costs

We charge sample cost starting from US$5.00 per piece, varying to the size, color, workmanship complications of sample and please understand that such cost is merely to cover the our worker labour costs to make sure they can turn out samples duly and accurately. Free samples for stock,Shipping cost on your own.

Personalized Brand/Logo Setup Cost (if required): is also chargeable. Production Sample Proof – An actual physical sample with personalized logo will be sent for clients approval before bulk production. This process has high costs due to the labor and setup costs involved, and having to slow production schedule; If you are producing a large order and are not under time constraints this may be worth doing to insure complete satisfaction with your design.

3. Delivery Way

Normally when its delivered by courier company, like DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT and EMS, that will take approx. 5-7 working days to deliver to most worldwide countries; or 7-12 days by Economy Way.