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Best China Sunglasses Manufacturer – Our Top Picks

China Sunglasses Manufacturer
China has consistently ranked as the world’s top exporter of anything, including smartphones, laptops, and eyewear. Everyone needs glasses, whether for aesthetic looks or optical needs. China’s eyewear market is booming, and the best sunglasses manufacturers in China account for the $13.11 billion revenue in the economy. With more than 6000 eyewear brands in China, finding the best one is nerve-racking. We have done the homework for you. This article comprises a list of the ten best options with a guide on making a reliable choice.

Myopia – Reason for Rapid Growth in the Chinese Eyewear Market

MyopiaThe increasing ratio of myopia in China is not a hidden fact. 60 years ago, the affected rate of myopia was 10-20% of the global denizens, while today, it accounts for 90% of the Chinese population. Around 75% of the Chinese adult population is myopia affected.

Myopia is a significant health problem affecting the United States and East Asia. The long studying hours and frequent use of gadgets are the primary cause of increasing myopia.

The Chinese eyewear marketplace has seen growth. Approximately 300 million Chinese residents wear contact lenses or glasses. Every year, custom eyewear manufacturers in China sell 50+ million eyewear pairs.

In 2022, the eyewear market accounted for $13.11 billion in revenue in the economy, which will reach $416.42 billion by 2024.

Best Sunglasses manufacturers in China

Unfortunately, you can’t book a flight, hop on an airplane, land in China, and roam around the factories to find the best sunglasses manufacturer in China.

The best strategy to find the best option is to research. Here are the top 10 eyewear manufacturing brands in China;

1. Wenzhou Emma Optics Co.:

Wenzhou Emma Optics Co. is a professional China sunglasses manufacturer with 12 years of experience. Every product at Wenzhou Emma Optics is available at competitive prices, with high-quality and punctual shipping, with dedicated customer support as the cherry on top. Not only in China, but Wenzhou Emma Optics Co. is also shipping its products to Hong Kong and France.

2. Sky & Sea Optical MFY:

Sky & Sea Optical MFY Co. was founded in 2007 with expertise in eyewear manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. With over 15 years of experience Sky & Sea Optical MFY Co. has developed a reliable chain of international suppliers, offering high-quality optical frames at the most competitive online rates.

3. Radnor Eyewear Co.:

Radnor is one of China’s trusted custom eyewear manufacturers with over 15 years of experience in ODM and OEM. Radnor is specialized in manufacturing optical frames for brands with premium quality control, edge-cutting technology, and in-house laboratory testing for quality assurance.

4. YC Sunglasses:

YC is one of the longest-running wholesale sunglasses China manufacturers, founded in 1992. YC exports its optical frames to over 100 countries, marking quality production with every article. YC is on a mission to offer services beyond value to build strong customer relationships.

5. Conchen Glasses:

Another reliable name in China’s leading eyewear brand is Conchen Glasses. Conchen has been in the business since 2006, offering ODM and OEM services for eight years. Conchen is on a mission to beautify the world and brighten the horizon.

6. Raymio Eyewear:

Raymio is an experienced China-based eyewear manufacturer. Raymio is National Patent technology certified and manufactures products according to ISO quality standards. From kids’, sports, swimming, and sunglasses, to reading glasses, Raymio has everything for its customers.

7. Three Hippos Glasses:

Three Hippos glasses brand is the best custom eyewear manufacturer if you want custom-made eyewear for your brand. The innovatively designed sunglasses collection speaks for quality production. Another best part about the Three Hippos glasses brand is it accepts bulk orders and delivers within 7-10 business days.

8. M&I Eyewear:

M&I works for the well-being of the people and the eyewear industry. M&I deals with wholesale traders worldwide and manufactures sustainable, low-cost products with quality assurance. Besides reading glasses, lenses, and sunglasses, M&I also offers customized services. Annually, M&I exports 10 million worth of eyewear.

9. Guangzhou Sunok Glasses

Guangzhou Sunok is China’s leading eyewear wholesale manufacturer. With over 15 years of experience, the brand sells high-quality pouches, Ski Goggles, Military Goggles, Sports Sunglasses, and Motocross Goggles. Whether small, medium, or large businesses, Guangzhou Sunok serves brands of all sizes with its quality services.

10. Wenzhou HongEn Optical:

Wenzhou HongEn is a privately held Chinese eyewear manufacturer with years of experience in the business. Wenzhou HongEn optical offers a wide range of products- meeting quality standards and customer satisfaction.

5 Questions to Ask Any Eyewear Manufacturer in China

questions to askSelecting a China sunglasses manufacturer can be challenging, whether starting an eyewear business or changing the last one.

This section highlights the question you should ask every eyewear manufacturer to ensure you make reliable investments.

What are the terms and conditions?

Checking the terms and conditions is the first step to initiating a deal with custom sunglasses manufacturers in China. Terms and conditions define a contractual relationship between a service provider and its users. Give a careful read to the terms and conditions to avoid legal complications in the future.

Can you provide us with a liability certificate?

Suppose you are from the USA and shipping products from China. Possible chances that the products can crack or break during shipping. Having a liability insurance certificate gives assurance that the supplier is liable for breaks and malfunctions.

What will the total cost of your order be?

Despite checking the price list dual, the final order cost can significantly vary- thanks to the hidden shipping fees and other fees. Ask the supplier for a valid fee structure. In case of additional hidden costs, don’t hesitate to drive back home at this point.

Do they customize designs for sunglasses?

Customized products help customers make a personal bond with the products, which helps increase engagement, revenue, and profit margins. Ask the best sunglasses manufacturer for custom-made services. The customized services include logo, design, size, and color customization.

What happens if delivery is delayed or doesn’t arrive?

Overseas shipping often results in delayed delivery services. Since you have already paid for the shipping, what if the product doesn’t arrive? Ask the eyewear supplier for delayed services liability. It will help you avoid legal complications and paying additional shipping charges.

Reasons Why Chinese Sunglasses Manufacturers Are Better

Best Sunglasses manufacturers in ChinaThere is a reason why China is leading the world as one of the best eyewear manufacturers and exporters. With over 6000 eyewear brands in China, over 40% of lenses, optical frames, and sunglasses are sold worldwide. Here is why Chinese sunglasses manufacturers are better;

Maintaining High-Quality Production:

Despite the ever-increasing demand for optical eyewear and sunglasses, custom eyewear manufacturers in China are maintaining production quality with sustainable and lasting materials.

The manufacturers use recyclable plastic frames that last a lifetime. For packaging, they use cardboard cases for better protection and sustainable performance.

Paying Attention to Detail:

A brand can only succeed by knowing what the world demands. Chinese eyewear brands pay attention to the latest trends in the eyewear market and manufacture products accordingly. It helps them stay a step ahead of the competitors.

Customer Satisfaction is a Priority:

Whether eyewear, clothing, or gadget business, prioritizing customers’ satisfaction is the key to success. China sunglasses manufacturers prioritize customer satisfaction as their priority. They offer custom-made designs that increase profit margin, engagement, and revenue.

Innovative Designs That Lead:

Customers don’t prefer having the same design and style repeatedly. Creativity brings innovation which helps satisfy clients. Chinese eyewear manufacturers are paying extra attention to designs and styles. The ambition is to beautify and brighten the world with innovative designs.


With the speed of the Chinese eyewear market growing, more manufacturers are entering and increasing the competition. This guide has narrowed down the list of the best sunglasses manufacturers in China to help you find the best option that matches your business needs and style statement.