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Classic Packing Welcomes You At Silmo Paris 2022 Optical Fair

Silmo Paris 2022 Optical Fair

CLASSIC PACKING Requests The Honor Of Your Presence At SILMO PARIS 2022

SILMO is heaven in endless motion, a domain where the Classic Packing seminar 2022 will promote Eco-friendly Packing and make accessible the technologies, trends, and techniques of the moment.

SILMO Paris is an ancient source of motivation and improvement; SILMO has been a spirit of the optical and eyewear world for over 50 years.

Silmo is an enthusiastic, liable, bold, and ingenious fair. A valid criterion with an international ambiance, SILMO invites our professionals this year to explore the future of eco-friendly Eyewear Packing by rolling out an extensive, efficient, and flexible offer: high-value-added content to benefit all specialists in expanding our vision to save the earth from destruction.

Classic Packing is one of the prominent manufacturers of glasses cases, sunglasses pouches, and glasses accomplices in the industry, with more than 15 years of experience, Classic Packing delivers outstanding service, high-quality commodities, and competitive rates and also proposes design capabilities to establish customized wholesale eyeglasses cases & packagings and additions.

Eco-friendly Eyewear Packing Can Help Your Next Market Strategy

eco friendly eyewear packing Silmo Paris 2022

Sustainability is a strategic imperative for Classic Packing and, above all, a corporate priority. We acknowledge the climacteric role we influence in assembling the world. Our healthy core integrity and long-term perspective drive our devotion to playing our part in establishing a sustainable future.

Classic Packing has committed to sustainable practices for over 10 years and we’ve taken our commitment to the next level by exploring how we can use our services and products to make a positive impact on the environment. 

Classic Packing will present packaging that’s merciful to recycle and protect individuals and the environment (ecofriendly Eyewear Packaging) at Silmo Paris 2022 Expositions on 23 – 26 September 2022.

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We take pride in being able to do something good for the earth, while still providing a quality product for our customers and clients alike. We request the honor of your presence. We are going to introduce our sustainable & Eco-friendly eyewear packing products, which are manufactured via recycled fabric, PU, leather, degradable cotton or plastic bags, jute, cork, and more. 

We’re excited to share our vision with you and welcome your feedback. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Step into a world of discovering ways to save our ecosystem with us. We can walk through your goals and show you how eco-friendly Eyewear Packing can help your next market strategy.