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Puffy Soft Spectacle Pouch With Shoulder Strap Bulk

Introducing the Puffy Soft Spectacle Pouch with Shoulder Strap, a versatile and stylish accessory designed for wholesale needs. Crafted from high-quality polyester, this pouch offers a soft and comfortable feel, ensuring your spectacle collection is well-protected. The addition of a shoulder strap makes it convenient for travel, and its sleek design allows it to double as a small makeup bag.

Enhance your accessory lineup with the Puffy Soft Spectacle Pouch with Shoulder Strap. Its blend of functionality, style, and customization options makes it an ideal choice for your wholesale product offerings.

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E5744 Product Specifications

Item No.: E5744
Size: 18*4.5*8CM
Material: Polyester
Color: White/Off-white
Weight: 31.8g
FOB From: $1.25/PC
MOQ: 3000 PCs


E5744 Puffy Soft Spectacle Pouch With Shoulder Strap Features

High-Quality Polyester: Made from premium polyester with a cotton filling, the glasses pouch provides a soft and comfortable touch and a degree of water resistance to protect your spectacles.

Versatile Design: This soft spectacle pouch comes with a shoulder strap, making it easy to carry on the go. Its fashionable and minimalist design allows it to be used as both a spectacle pouch and a small makeup bag.

Secure Button Closure: The button closure design ensures that your spectacles are securely stored, preventing accidental loss.

Highly Customizable: As your professional eyeglass packaging expert, Classic Packing allows you to tailor the pouch to your specific needs with various customization options. Adjust the logo, size, and other details to match your brand’s identity.


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