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Hard Cork Reading Glasses Case

Introducing our Hard Cork Reading Glasses Case (Item No.: T2036-126) – a stylish and eco-friendly solution for protecting your reading glasses. With its classic wood grain design and minimalist aesthetic, this case offers both functionality and elegance.
Experience the perfect combination of style, sustainability, and affordability with our Hard Cork Reading Glasses Case. Choose eco-friendly options without compromising on quality or design.

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T2036-125/126 Hard Cork Reading Glasses Case Specifications

Item No.: T2036-125/126
Size: 16.1*6.1*3.9CM
Material: Cork
Weight: 93.5g
FOB: $0.7/PC
MOQ: 1000 PCs


T2036-125/126 Hard Cork Reading Glasses Case Features

  • Classic Wood Grain Design: This hard reading glasses case features a timeless wood grain design, accented with distinct lines for a sophisticated touch. Currently available in two styles, it adds a touch of class to your eyewear collection.
  • Environmentally Friendly Material: Crafted from high-quality cork material, T2036 cork case is not only durable but also environmentally friendly. With GRS certification, it ensures effective protection of the environment while safeguarding your glasses.
  • Competitive Wholesale Price: Priced competitively at $0.7 per piece, this hard eyeglass cases wholesale series offers excellent value for businesses seeking quality eyewear packaging solutions without breaking the bank.
    *Pro in all kinds of reading glasses cases, Classic Packing also provides quality customization services for this series. Contact us now to discuss your requirements or to request further information.


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