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Anti Fog Wipes Wholesale for Glasses Lens Cleaning

High-efficiency and convenient anti-fog wipes are the best choices to keep fog-free your customer wearing glasses. Our anti-fog wipes not only have the function to clear the lens but also can clean fingerprints and oil stains on camera lenses, sunglasses, screens, ski masks, and swim goggles.

Product Information

Item Form: Anti-fogging wipes

Specific Uses For Product: Eyewear

Surface Recommendation: Glass

Package: 60PCS/box

Product Features

Glasses Fogging: For those who wear glasses, this is very annoying. We provide you with advanced anti-fog wipes. It can effectively help you stay fog-free

Anti-fog Material: The pre-moistened anti-fog lens is made of high-quality optical care materials, with anti-fogging & cleaning effects, no streaks, and no residue.

Maintain Time: Under normal conditions, the anti-fog effect can be maintained for 12 hours, and you will have a clear vision all day long.


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