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Classic Packing’s Triumph at MIDO Eyewear 2023 Show

MIDO Eyewear 2023 is a prominent event in the optical industry that attracts innovative manufacturers, designers, and retailers from all over the world. This year’s show in Milan was no exception, with a great turnout of attendees. Classic Packing, a leading provider of packaging solutions for the optical industry, was one of the exhibitors that had a resounding success at the MIDO Eyewear 2023 show.


Classic Packing has been a regular exhibitor at the MIDO eyewear show for the past decade. Our innovative designs have always captured the attention of attendees, and this year’s show had no difference. Classic Packing showcased the latest packaging solutions with a strong presence, including new designs, materials, and finishing options.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Classic Packing’s success at the MIDO Eyewear 2023 show. We’ll explore new designs, what sets we apart, and what this means for the optical industry.

Classic Packing’s Innovative Designs at MIDO Eyewear 2023

Classic Packing’s innovative designs were one of the key factors that contributed to our success at the MIDO Eyewear 2023 show. We have always been at the forefront of the eyewear packaging industry, continuously pushing the boundaries to create packaging that is both functional and visually appealing.

Our latest designs were inspired by the latest trends and customer demands, making us unique and visually appealing. Classic Packing’s packaging solutions had a unique look and feel, setting us apart from the crowd at MIDO Eyewear 2023.

Quality Materials at MIDO Eyewear 2023

The quality of the materials Classic Packing used in packaging solutions was another significant factor in our success at MIDO Eyewear 2023. Classic Packing is known for using high-quality materials, including wood, leather, and metal, to create packaging that is durable and long-lasting.

At the show, Classic Packing’s use of eco-friendly materials was also well-received by attendees. We have been using recycled materials in designs for many years, and commitment to sustainability was evident in the materials they used at MIDO Eyewear 2023.

Finishing Options at MIDO Eyewear 2023

The finishing options on Classic Packing’s packaging solutions were also a major talking point at MIDO Eyewear 2023. We offer a range of finishing options, such as embossing, debossing, foil stamping, and screen printing, to name a few.

Our finishing options allowed us to create packaging that was both functional and visually appealing. Classic Packing’s packaging solutions were finished to a high standard, giving us a premium look and feel that stood out from the crowd at MIDO Eyewear 2023.

Ability to Offer Customization Options to Clients

Another factor that contributed to our success was our ability to offer customization options to our clients. Classic Packing understands that each client has unique needs, and we can offer customized solutions to suit each client’s needs. From custom eyeglass cases to small items like glasses accessories chains, Classic Packing provides various options options, including materials, colors, sizes, etc.

Commitment to Customer Service

Another aspect that contributed to our success was commitment to customer service. Classic Packing’s team was friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable, making it easy for attendees to engage with and learn more about packaging solutions. Our exceptional customer service was well-received by attendees, and it helped to create a positive impression at the event.

Ability to Showcase Products Effectively

Lastly, Classic Packing’s success was also attributed to our ability to showcase products effectively. Our booth was well-designed, with our packaging solutions displayed in an organized and visually appealing manner. This helped to attract the attention of attendees and made it easy to learn more about Classic Packing’s products.


Classic Packing’s success at MIDO Eyewear 2023 is a testament to our innovation, commitment to quality, and attention to detail. Our new designs, quality materials, and finishing options were all major talking points at the event. Our packaging solutions have set a new standard in the optical industry, and it’s clear that we will continue to be a major player in the industry for years to come.

If you’re looking for innovative, high-quality packaging solutions in the optical industry, Classic Packing is the way to go. Our designs, materials, and finishing options are second to none, and they offer a range of solutions to suit all needs and budgets. Feel free to reach out to us at any time!