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How To Pack Sunglasses For Shipping?

Sunglasses or regular eyewear aren’t heavy but fragile. Packaging and shipping sunglasses is challenging. In addition, the irregular shape makes things more perplexing. However, to expand your business and give international recognition to your sunglasses brand, you have to solve the query, how to pack sunglasses for shipping?

Whether shipping sunglasses within the country or internationally, this guide will take you through the step-by-step guide.

How To Pack Sunglasses?

How to pack sunglasses for shipping is the common concern every sunglasses supplier is asking in public forums. We’ve got you covered with the step-by-step guide. Here is how to pack eyewear for shipping.

Invest In High-Quality Packaging:

En route to packing your sunglasses for shipping, the first step is to invest in high-quality packaging. Don’t simply add the sunglasses and cleaning cloth to the package. Add a pillow temple tag, protective pouch, portable case, sunglasses, and a cleaning cloth.

Providing a whole package to customers shows you care about them. The quality should speak for itself. For even better results, invest in sustainable materials.

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Use Proper Packaging Boxes:

Using the right box for shipping is as crucial as choosing the best sunglasses packaging supplier. The best practice is to find boxes with enough space to hold sunglasses packages and void fillers.

Besides the space, the quality should be strong enough to carry the weight without tearing it apart. Moreover, add the “Fragile, Handle With Care” tag to let shippers know what’s inside.

Add Void Fillers:

During shipping, the packages are in continuous motion and move here and there, which can damage the frame or break the lens.

If you ship the packages internationally to the USA or UK, the risks of damage are higher. Add void fillers in the boxes to prevent scratches or physical traumas.

Deciding on the type of void filler is up to you. Common types are paper, air pillows, bubbles, and peanuts. However, the best option you can opt for is a bubble or air pillow. In contrast, a plastic bag is idyllic if you are tight on budget and looking for an affordable option.

Proper Sealing is Essential:

The next step is to wrap the packaging with a quality wrap securely. The best option is undoubtedly the bubble wrap. However, bubble wrap often tears apart due to physical traumas. As a result, the lens either broke or scratched.

Wrapping the package with high-quality tape enhances the protection. Depending on your budget, you can use ordinary adhesive or packing tape for shipping. Add multiple layers of adhesive tape around the sunglasses shipping boxes.

Assemble Small & Lighter Shipping Boxes:

Weight and size have always been a consideration while shipping sunglasses internationally. According to the general rule of thumb, the smaller and lighter the boxes, the lesser shipping charges you will have to pay.

The cheapest way to ship sunglasses is to pack as smaller and lighter packages as possible. The popular shipping service providers UPS and FedEx sometimes offer free shipping services to customers if they follow proper shipping guidelines.

What Are the Best Packing Materials for Shipping Sunglasses?

Shipping your sunglasses internationally to expand your consumer ratio must be a dream for you, being a sunglasses supplier. How smoothly the packages ship and reach their destination depends on how attentive you are while packing them.

The choice of packing material will make a difference; little did you know. Here are the best packing materials you should choose;

Foam Packaging:

Foam packaging is idyllic for fragile or high-value product shipping, particularly for irregularly shaped items. The best part about foam packaging is the lightweight design that reduces the shipping cost. The material will cradle the sunglasses and prevent them from moving by supporting the content. However, it is not a recyclable option.

Packing Peanuts:

Packing peanuts create a protective surrounding between the product and external boundaries by compressing under pressure. The peanuts restrict movement and prevent damage. The plus point about packing peanuts is they don’t exert pressure on the product and can be used for large or odd objects.

Packaging Paper:

It is one of the best and most commonly used materials to pack sunglasses. Packaging papers are affordable, lightweight, sustainable, and a natural choice for most companies. The major drawback of packaging papers is they don’t restrict the movement of the product.

Bubble Wrap:

Bubble wrap has been a popular wrapping choice for decades. The flexible air cushions offer reasonable protection against physical traumas. However, the material will become redundant if bubbles are popped intentionally or accidentally. Another drawback of bubble wrap is the plastic non-recyclable construction.

Korrvu Packaging:

Moving forward on how to ship sunglasses, the next packing material we have is Korrvu packaging. The design of Korrvu packaging is to hold on items in the center of the box with the non-slip film, ensuring they stay in their place. The best point about this material is it keeps the sunglasses safe from vibration and bumps.

Factors to Consider Before Finalizing Packaging Material For Sunglasses Shipping?

Let’s now highlight the nitty-gritty. A lot comes into consideration when packing and shipping sunglasses internationally.

Here are the top considerations before finalizing the packaging material;

What is the Cost?

Your journey of packing and shipping sunglasses begins with determining the cost of the packaging. You surely want to invest in high-quality options with affordable pricing, the cherry on top.

Your business won’t survive if it isn’t returning profit after investment. Meet your selection criteria within your budget range. Moreover, don’t try to get extra lowest pricing. As a result, the quality will be poor.

Million-dollar advice- opt for Classic Packing to meet quality standards without blowing your budget. At Classic Packing, you can order customized sunglasses packaging at affordable pricing.

Is the Packaging Sustainable?

With time, consumers are getting conscious; their priority is to invest in recyclable products to make the planet sustainable. 3 out of 5 consumers are willing to pay higher for sustainable products than lower-cost non-recyclable products. Ask the manufacturers about sustainable packaging performance while finalizing the orders.

How much packaging Do You Need?

Don’t let the packing process halt by running out of packaging. Have an early inspection of how much packaging you will need. The best practice is to have extra than limited in case some come out damaged.

Is The Packaging Robust to Keep Sunglasses Secure?

The last question to ask is about the quality. Are you sure the packaging is robust enough to secure the sunglasses and prevent bumps and damage? Conduct a test to ensure the quality performance of the packaging rather than taking a risk and sending the sunglasses shipping boxes overseas.


So, how to pack sunglasses and ship them internationally? This guide has covered every aspect you should know. Give priority to quality. You will get numerous ways to get the lowest prices, but are you sure they are worth it?

Instead of looking for the cheapest way to ship sunglasses, be strategic and invest in sustainable products. For long-running and quality sunglasses packaging, choose Classic Packing.