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2023/2024 Sunglasses Packaging Ideas & 5 Best Luxury Sunglasses Packaging Designs

Unlike other eyeglasses, sunglasses are irregular and unique, which makes it hard to customize their packaging. The fragile product can wear out effortlessly with improper care. The luxury sunglasses packaging should be designed to be simple and handy, yet strong at the same time to secure the sunglasses.

This guide will share some design ideas on designing your sunglasses packaging aesthetically with tricky tips to make them stand out.

Popular Sunglasses Packaging Designs

In sunglasses packaging, the most attention-seeking element is the glasses box or case. Paying extra attention to its design will surely help you boost your sales.

Below are the industry-leading design ideas you can choose for your sunglasses packaging. How successfully you design the packaging depends on how attentively you pay attention to details.

· Foldable Flip Box:

A popular and traditional sunglasses packaging is the clamshell. The foldable flip box is usually made from hard greyboard material for the box’s base and matches the beautiful exterior mounting material on top. Most customers prefer leather as a leather exterior.

The most attractive feature of the foldable flip box is the opening, created by a pair of a magnet, making it incredibly easy to open and close the lid. Another best part about foldable sunglasses cases is portability. The sunglasses are kept safe inside, while the magnet guards the top.

· Pillow Box:

Stay clear by the name. Pillow boxes aren’t for pillow packaging. Since the shape resembles a pillow, they got the name. Pillow boxes have curvy edges that wrap the sunglasses well.

Kraft paper and cardboard are usually used for pillow boxes as they can be bent effortlessly. It is reasonably priced to produce, ship, and assemble. You can customize the sunglass packaging’s size and appearance to advertise your business and goods.

· Drawer Box:

As the name suggests, a drawer box is similar to a drawer. The best part about the drawer sunglasses box is it creates curiosity among the users during the opening; what can be inside the box? Acrylic cardboard forms the base of the case with a foam sheet on top.

A drawer sunglasses case is the best option for gifts and high-priced sunglasses. You can add microfiber cloth and a protective pouch to attract more customers.

· Lid and Bottom Packaging Box:

Lid and bottom sunglasses packaging is the most standard type in the packaging marketplace. Not only for sunglasses but lid and bottom boxes are used for all glasses.

The lid and bottom cover box can give customers a strong feeling of intuition compared to other box kinds. The Lid and Bottom Box are the sturdiest and can effectively safeguard the product’s safety.

Sunglasses Shipping Boxes

When we are talking about design of eyewear packaging, most of us only think about the package itself. The material, size and shape, texture, and many other details will be considered by designers. However, one thing that has been gradually forgotten is mailer box. It was all once considered to be a secondary detail within the whole packaging design process. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and hit every country all over the world, e-commerce sales have been triggered and boomed rapidly amid the crisis. People reduce the number of visits to retail stores. Instead, they spend more time shopping on e-commerce platforms. Therefore, the packaging for e-commerce delivery becomes more and more important to us.

How to Make Your Luxury Sunglasses Packaging Stand Out?

Attracting customers is undoubtedly nerve-racking and challenging. The success element of the influential brands leading the market is their customer satisfaction. The more you satisfy the customers, the more likely your business will grow.

The irregular and unique shape of the sunglasses often requires an out-of-the-box solution. Here is you can make your luxury sunglasses packaging stand out;

· Printing:

If you leave your sunglasses packaging unprinted, you willingly give the customers a valid reason to reject your packaging. Despite the price points, there are multiple printing options available that you can use to get customized printing done on your packaging.

With digital printing, you can produce top-notch results quickly and with a lot of flexibility. For large-scale products, offset printing will work. Offset printing is cost-effective and shows high-quality results. You can add quotes, logos, or brand slogans on the packaging to give them an aesthetic appeal.

· Material:

No matter how high-quality your sunglasses are, they will wear out after improper maintenance. Investing in high-quality packaging materials is a must to keep the sunglasses in tip-top condition.

The materials used for luxury sunglasses packaging are wood, plastic, cardboard, or metal. Double-check the quality to mark a long-lasting performance.

· Sustainability:

Like it or not, sustainability is a primary concern for your brand and target audience. You should pay attention to your manufacturing line to ensure the materials you use are eco-friendly.

Cardboard is a widely used material in manufacturing, whether for a pillow, drawer, or foldable flip box. Being the business owner, ensure you use eco-material materials in the manufacturing line.

Manufacturers and customers must ensure they are investing in sustainable products. Besides material, the printing ink should also be solvent-based or water-based rather than petroleum-based inks.

Best Luxury Sunglasses Packaging

Finding the best luxury sunglasses packaging is nerve-racking- thanks to the overwhelming options. In this section, we’ve out-picked the five best packaging you need to try before 2023.

1. Luxury Holographic Sunglasses Packaging

Made from 100% biodegradable material- this unique sunglasses packaging is lightweight and durable. Kraft paper is used as the base of the packaging. The Kraft paper is 100% natural and can be simplified and used multiple times.

The most out-ranking point about the packaging is that they are customizable. You can customize the packaging, whether a logo or a slogan. The packaging design is book style, featuring two flaps that enclose the package and secure the sunglasses.

wholesale sunglasses packaging

2. Black Custom Sunglasses Case Wholesale In Set

Are you planning to give your mother sunglasses as a Christmas present this year? Look for nothing but this black custom sunglasses case set. The cardboard material marks the long-lasting performance of this luxury sunglasses packaging.

The wholesale package includes a custom sunglass case, a shopping bag, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Whether the size, color, or logo, you can customize the packaging the way you want.

sunglasses packaging set

3. Customized Sunglasses Packaging Set

Our next luxury sunglasses packaging is highly durable, portable, and easy to use. The packaging includes a shopping bag, protective foldable flip box, carrying pouch, and microfiber cloth.

The base of the triangular foldable flip box is metal with PU leather as the top covering material. The magnetic enclosure secures the case for portability. The interior is silk velvet to prevent scratches on the glasses.  (We also offer the tri-fold eyeglass case series alone for sale.)Get the packaging customized by placing your order today.

sunglasses packaging boxes bulk

4. Eco-friendly Cardboard Glasses Packing Set 

Beautifully designed to keep the sunglasses secure with a touch of elegance, this sunglasses packaging is a must-have if you are planning for a New Year gift. Made of high-quality recyclable cardboard, durable and sturdy, safe to pack and ship small items without being crushed or damaged. This heavy-duty recyclable glasses boxes look nice with a rustic finish. The boxes are the perfect size and shape for glasses.

Custom Sunglass Cases Bulk

5. Luxury Sunglasses Packaging Box Wholesale

The last on the list is a lid and bottom flip-open sunglasses packaging box. The top is concealed with a fully magnetic closure for effortless operation. Not only for sunglasses, but you can also use this package to hold watches, gifts, jewelry, candles, perfumes, and other small gift items.

The cardboard material is lightweight and recyclable. You can customize the size, color, and logo with one click.

sunglasses packing box wholesale

Closing Thoughts:

Running a business is indeed challenging with the increasing competition. Yet, when paying attention to detail, you can make your products stand out. The design ideas and tips mentioned above will work if you pay attention to detail.

Ensure the quality you offer marks a lasting performance. Instead of investing in low-quality products to lessen production costs, invest in sustainable materials.