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Factory Overview

As the Best Glasses Packaging & Sunglass Case Manufacturer, we own our own Factory!

Factory Quick View

Factory Outlook

As the best sunglass case manufacturer, Classic packing has a beautiful building that communicates something impressive to its clients and employees. A modern constructed building with a parking facility creates an amazing outlook. The smooth structure attracts visitors’ attention.

As the largest sunglass case manufacturer, we have 5 story building on 3 sides, and the main entrance is in the middle, which looks very charming. Trees are planted on the Gate, and that gives a fresh view. Covered boundary walls, metal floors, lighting, open space, and trees promote casual living.

sunglass case manufacturer factory Outlook

Finished Goods

Once the products are final, they are appropriately stored in the storehouse before shipping to the buyers. We have a large storeroom where lights are installed; it ensures enough space for proper storage of finished products. The store is maintained according to industry standards.



We have a separate office where employees set and perform different functions of taking orders, handling, and dealing with customers. A wide office area with a clean and friendly environment helps the employees to perform dedicatedly. They are provided with computers, tablets, and a healthy environment.

sunglass case manufacturer office

Packing line

We have a separate room for packing where workers perform the packing of different final products. Once the products are final from the production unit and sent to the packing department, the final products pack in a completely hygienic environment.

We have advanced packing machines that help the workers quickly and efficiently finish the packing tasks. Workers, before packing, wear all the safety gadgets to ensure safe and hygienic packing.

Production Unit

Our production unit is one of the largest units in our factory, with a capacity for hundreds of workers to work. All the workers are provided with the required machines and enough space to sit and work efficiently. We ensure a hygienic environment in the production unit. Proper lights are installed to help the employees to work efficiently.

After the approval of a design from the buyer, we send the design and material to the production unit, where products are manufactured in strict compliance with provided design.

Raw Material Storage Room

We have a separate storage room for the raw materials. Raw materials, when they arrived stored in the storeroom under favorable conditions. We ensure no damage to materials before reaching the buyer’s hand. Remark: We have 3 material checking machines at the storage room for the raw materials quality check before they storaged here.


Sample Making Department

We have a separate sample-making department that takes design requirements from the buyer and works on them. After creating the prototype, prepare a sample of the original material to know its effectiveness.

First, it sends to the experts for approval, then it ships to the buyer for approval. If required changes, make amendments and send them for approval. Once approved, it sends to the mass production unit for production.


Classic packing is equipped with modern machines to finish glasses cases, pouches, and other accessories manufacturing. We have modern sewing machines, pouches making machines, logo printing machines, and case manufacturing machines. All machines are operated by experienced people and kept well maintained to ensure quality product manufacturing.

Testing Equipments

Classic packing never compromises the quality of its products. All final products and samples are passed a thorough testing process before finalizing. We have testing equipment for testing the quality of glasses cases, pouches, chains, and other accessories.

sunglass case manufacturer Testing Equipments


As the best sunglass case manufacturer, Classic packing has beautiful well-decorated showrooms to display glasses cases, pouches, chains, and other accessories. Our showrooms are wider and have clean spaces. Products are displayed on the beautifully designed shelves.

classic packing is the largest sunglass case manufacturer


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